Put the WIN in Winter with the PNE’s new 50/50 Lottery!

For 86 years, the Pacific National Exhibition has offered our province the opportunity to turn a single lucky ticket into a fortune with the annual PNE Prize Home Lottery.

To give you the opportunity to WIN this Winter, the PNE is introducing the PNE Winter Lottery 50/50 Draw!


The Jackpot is currently over $373,620 and you can win half!

You have until 9pm on Monday, January 18 to enter to draw. Tickets start at $20.


PNE Winter Lottery 50/50 JackpotEnter to WIN half the JACKPOT!

Click the button below to launch our online purchasing site.


*Note: All tickets are entered into the draw on your behalf, we do not send them out in case they get lost in the mail.


The final deadline for the PNE Winter Lottery 50/50 Jackpot is in…


The PNE Winter Lottery 50/50 draw will be held January 21, 2021 at 12:00pm.

Your Support Puts Smiles on Faces.

The Pacific National Exhibition cares about community.

As a non-profit organization, the PNE uses revenue raised through PNE Lotteries to support a number of important programs that benefit agriculture, arts, sports, and community-building initiatives.




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